Demand more from your cell phone

Communicate non-stop with the app that gives you superpowers and a SIM with the best tariffs

Calls and messages using the Tuenti app

Your number everywhere

Calls on any device

Leaving your cell phone at home is no longer a problem. Call with your number from a friend's phone, a PC or a tablet. Create an account in the Tuenti app and, no matter whether you're a customer or not, you'll have your cell phone number and contacts on any device to call whoever you want.

Calls from any device, including computers
Talk over WiFi, call without coverage

Talk even without coverage

WiFi calls to landlines and cell phones

Poor coverage? With Tuenti, you'll never miss a call. Connect to a WiFi network, enter the app and use VozDigital to call contacts from your phonebook or landline and cell phone numbers. The person you're calling will receive a normal call; they don't need an internet connection. If you're a Tuenti customer, you can also receive calls over WiFi!*

*It is only possible to receive calls in the app in Spain

Unlimited power of the voice

Call free from the app

If the person you're calling also has the app installed, calls are unlimited. And if you're a Tuenti customer, you won't even spend the data from your tariff even if you're on 3G/4G. In other words, the call will be free!

Free calls to contacts with the app

Break down barriers

International calls without roaming with VozDigital

VozDigital calls from the app include international destinations.* Call foreign landlines and cell phones without paying more; you only pay for the minutes you talk.

And if you go away, talk to those back home. Connect to a WiFi network and call without roaming charges. If you're a Tuenti customer, you don't pay to receive calls either!

*International destinations available depending on the country.

International calls from the app without roaming
Unlimited chat and non-stop messages

Non-stop messages

Unlimited chat

If you love to chat, the Tuenti app is also for you. Tell your contacts to download the app and you can send them unlimited messages free of charge.

Unlimited chat and non-stop messages

One chat for everything you want

Sound stickers, photos and voice filters

And chat isn't only there for sending messages: leave voice messages and use a troll or gnome filter to change your voice, send sound stickers with the funniest noises, send photos, forward them to other conversations, and much more.

Send sound stickers and pictures to friends

Much more if you become a customer

Switch your cell phone number to Tuenti

Come to Tuenti and discover the 100%% digital operator experience. Don't miss the many advantages that the Tuenti SIM has to offer you. We are available in the following countries:

Control everything

Have complete control of your line

And if you're a Tuenti customer, you can manage your entire line from the app so you won't miss a detail: control your credit and data usage, top up or buy more data, check your call history and messages, request another SIM, and much more.

Control your spending by managing your line

We're in your hand

Customer service by chat

From the app, you can also access Tuenti customer service, the fastest and most efficient around: write to us by chat anytime, anywhere, and we will respond instantly.

Better customer service by chat